About Us 

Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans (SASL) Limited is a Non-Banking Financial Institution licensed under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Act 2008 (Act774), authorized to carry on the business of Savings and Loans on 28th March, 2013 as a company limited by Shares.


Our Mission

To serve as the Mustard Seed through which opportunities for enterprise development and income generation are provided to the economically disadvantaged to transform their lives.




Loan Products

  • Sinapi Group Loan Open or Close

    Sinapi Group Loan, a convenient, simple and reliable loan product that gives the low income entrepreneurs access to working capital funds and financial support in groups of 4-10 membership.  Read More>>

  • Micro Enterprise Loan Open or Close

    Micro Enterprise Loan is a straight forward, flexible and dependable working capital loan for individual and micro entrepreneurs who are capable of obtaining the loan independently. Read More>>

  • Sinapi Festive Loan Open or Close

    Sinapi Festive Loan, where clients of SASL can receive additional loans during festive seasons. It helps clients who might have exhausted their loans during the festive season to receive more funds to purchase additional goods to sell during the peak times.

  • Small and Medium Enterprise Loan Open or Close

    Small and Medium Enterprise Loan which is a special product for small entrepreneurs who are steadily growing their businesses and need substantial financial support to further expand their businesses.

  • Sinapi Business Asset Loan Open or Close

    Sinapi Business Asset Loan, a reliable and flexible loan product that gives small and micro entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire business assets to promote the efficiency of their business operations. This enhances clients’ productivity.

  • Sinapi Agricultural Loan Open or Close

    Sinapi Agricultural Loan, a simple and reliable tailor-made loan product for agricultural actors especially within the value chain. This special agricultural loan facility is to help agribusiness men and women gain easy access to loan in support of their farming activities.

  • Micro-school loan Open or Close

    Micro-school loan supports micro and less developed schools to increase enrollment and also provide quality learning and teaching environment for pupils.

  • Sinapi Education loan Open or Close

    Sinapi Education loan gives the peace of mind and stress free life in settling children’s school fees obligation and other educational costs. It is simple and reliable loan product with flexible repayment terms that helps clients to give better education to their children.

  • Micro-housing Loan Open or Close

    Micro-housing Loan, where Sinapi Aba is using this opportunity to improve, refurbish and complete your house making it the home you rightly deserve. This product is simple, flexible, convenient and easy to access to meet your home improvement needs. You can access Sinapi Efipa Loan in any of our Branches nationwide.

    This loan can be accessed by individuals who are

      - small and micro-entrepreneurs, business men and women
      - Salaried workers who operate additional businesses

Savings Products

  • Premium (Sie Sika) Investment Account Open or Close

    This is an individual account with the most attractive interest rates in the market and flexible withdrawal terms. The account allows investors, individuals and well constituted bodies to invest their earnings profitably. The account is open to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians who operate businesses, Micro-entrepreneurs and Business owners.

  • Sinapi Current Account Open or Close

    Sinapi Current Account is a demand deposit account for individuals, business entrepreneurs and businesses to save and withdraw cash anytime without notice. Our current account is convenient and ideal for customers who due to the nature of their activities and or business transactions have to frequently conduct business through their accounts without prior notice.

  • Sinapi Susu Account Open or Close

    This is an easy and convenient savings at your doorstep. Any existing and prospect of SASL who due to their schedules may not be able to walk into SASL office to make cash deposit must take advantage of Sinapi Susu Account. One can save any amount on daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. It is a safe, easy and convenient way of banking. 

  • Flexi (Nkosuo) Savings Account Open or Close

    Sinapi Fleolxi Savings Account is the only distinctive account which has the most affordable opening balance and allow clients to withdraw at zero (0) cost. This account gives opportunities for individuals, groups and corporate institutions to save for a better tomorrow. It is accessible nationwide in any of SASL branches due to its networked systems. Client’s accounts are monitored jointly by both the client and SASL staff.

  • Fixed Deposit Account Open or Close

    Sinpai Aba offers you a very competitive interest yielding fixed deposit account for 91 days, 180 days and 1 year note.


Money Transfer Services

Sinapi Aba offer fast, stress free and easily accessible money transfer services to its clients as well as the general public. The services  can be accessed in all the Sinapi Aba branches nationwide.

Western Union Money Transfer MoneyGram Money Transfer Merban Money Transfer Cash 4 Africa

Our Branches

Transforming Lives Through Microfinance

Email : infodesk@sinapiaba.com 
Phone: +233 3220 - 30112 / 45358
Postal: 22A Ellis Avenue Nhyiaeso  P.O. Box 4911, Kumasi- Ghana